Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shake Your Moneymaker

Setup: Hubster and I are on the couch, watching Big Bang Theory, fire going and snuggling. His back hurts and asks me to rub a particular spot.

"Yeah, right there."
I rub it for a while then stop.
"What? Your turn already?"
"Ok, give me your feet."

Hubs: You're feet must be sore.
Me: Why?
Hubs: Well, you've been on your feet all day.
Me: No I haven't. I work at a desk.
Hubs: What, you sat on your ass all day?
Me : Ya.
Hubs: I'm rubbing your moneymakers though.
Me : Well no. Actually then you should rub my ass. Because by that theory, my ass is sore.
Hubs: You want me to rub your ass?
Me: No, I'm just saying, that i earn my money by sitting on my ass. So my ass is therefore my moneymaker. Not my feet.
Hubs, still rubbing my feet: Oookay....

Me: Well, if I was a stripper, and I was on my feet all day working the pole, then my feet would be my moneymaker. Cause I would be making money by gyrating around on my feet. And my feet would be sore. So rubbing my feet would then make sense, and you could also say that you were rubbing my moneymakers.
Hubs: Well, if you were a stripper, shaking your body is the actual moneymaker, not your feet. Guys don't give you dollars by looking at your feet.
Me: Well Quentin Tarantino would.
Hubs: What?
Me: Well, he has a thing for feet. So if I was a stripper and shaking my moneymaker, in which case you would say my body, I would argue that my moneymaker would be my feet because he would give me money for looking at my feet.
Hubs: Touche.

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