Friday, October 5, 2012

Bullets, Boobs and Bandages

Trish the Dish has to go to Montreal for work next Monday. Having not been to Montreal, I'm a little jealous. But it's work and she'll be away from Bob and Harley and Ricky Bobby* ... and it's her BIRTHDAY! Well that kinda stinks. Working on your birthday? I seem to remember someone saying early on that you get to take your birthday off work, but hasn't seemed to happen for anyone yet.

So what do good friends do? They go to the gun range.

Hubster and I met up with Trish the Dish on Wednesday evening; it was Ladies' Night (oh what a night!) where we only had to pay $5 each for a lane. NICE! She had only shot skeet before, so we started easy with the .38.
I should also note that you are NOT supposed to take photos on the range. I forgot. My bad. I captured this one and then put the phone away. Sorry!!

We took turns. She was a natural. Changed up to the 9 mm, much easier and she was a better shot. Long story short, we had a great time. This is how happy she was afterwards.
Best. Birthday. Ever. So now we just need to come back and play Battleship or Five card with the new targets we heard about.

Oh, and the 9 mm pinched me and took a little chunk out of my pinkie.

* One of those is her husband, try to guess which one.

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