Thursday, December 6, 2012

Well, THAT'S Not a good sound!

I’m sitting at my desk this afternoon, doing my googlies, and shift in my seat. All of a sudden, I hear the tell-tale riiiiiiiiiiiiiip. I think to myself, Oh you have GOT to be kidding me!

I stand up and feel by buttocks area… there is a fuzzy delineation between one portion of my jeans and the other.  (These are a pair of my favorite jeans, I paid almost $100 for them {Seven brand} and love wearing them.  Granted, as I have lost quite a bit of weight, they don’t really fit right in the buttock area… my colleagues were getting frustrated and said I had a saggy bottom.  I went out and bought new jeans that fit, but those are in the hamper and need to be washed.  Running late this morning, I just grabbed this pair. Anywhoooooo…)  

I cautiously walked over to MM’s cube where KelBel and MM were chatting.
KelBel: What’s wrong? Your face is bright red.
Me: Ummm, how bad is it?
I turn around and both break into giggles.
Me: That bad??
KelBel: (Still giggling) No, no. Only when you point it out.
MM: Yeah, you can barely notice. (smirking)
KelBel: Let’s find some duct tape.

We couldn’t find duct tape.  So here I sit. With plastic packing tape on the inside of my pants that makes noises.  I bet people think I’m wearing a diaper.  I’d go home and change but there’s only an hour left to the day.  

I’m going to be called Tapey Butt for the rest of the month, I can tell.

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