Saturday, February 15, 2014


Putting all the weirdness from this week aside, I got a message from Breet that Friday was the day for the next MAGICAL MYSTERY BURGER TOUR! stop. A was a little disappointed when I saw the location was Olive Burger. Not that they don't have great food, part of the MMBT rules is that each establishment must have at least 4 stars on Yelp. It's just that the great Macedonian himself had taken me and Totes McCoates there about a month ago. So, it wasn't a fresh new experience.

But whatevs! Burgers ON!
Olive Burger is in Richardson, Texas off Arapaho and Custer. It's not much to look at from the outside, but there WILL be a line going out the door if you visit at lunchtime. Only took 15 minutes to get to the register and another 10 to get our food. Not too bad!  If you visit, make sure you have the time, because you can't rush good food.

Here's me and PinTrish waiting in line. I look ridiculous. 
But not as silly as Ivanny doing her best "Away Paparazzi!" with Barb. 

The menu is good. It's not just a burger joint, you can get gyro and chicken as well. And it's Halal, so you know you're getting GOOD stuff here. 
 Like I said, there's only one register and two guys on the grill, so be patient. 

I ordered the House cheeseburger which is a 1/2 pounder with double cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and pickle PLUS bacon, mushrooms, jalapenos and onions. I held the jalapenos since I'm not a fan. 
$7.52 plus tip. Not bad! (I got a water, but they have ample soda beverages.)

At this point, we converged to take over tables and the rest of the gang arrived just as our food was being delivered. 
Looking good there Breet!
Ah, poor Totes McCoates looks like he's at the kiddie table.
Here's the top view of the burger masterpiece. 
Wow. Shaky cam. Sorry, still getting used to the iPod Touch. 
And an interior halfsie.
 Your mouth is watering just a little bit, isn't it?

PinTrish gave me half her fries which were tasty. Breet gave me an onion ring, very good too. Like a tempura onion ring, not super crispy, but good. 

A few shots of the decor. Hand sanitizer is thoughtful.

Movie posters on the wall and weird color schemes. Olive Burger (when you can't get olives on your burger) is kind of like that co-worker who's a little of kilter but means well and does good work. You kind of want to pat them on the head and say, "Good girl" but refrain. 

I was on a tight schedule so didn't have the opportunity to get additional photos, but I had visited the bathroom on the previous occasion. 

Ambiance – 4 (middle eastern architecture with a Hollywood vibe and strange seating.)
Burger – 6.5 (I only ate half. These are GIANT burgers. But it is tasty.)
Cleanliness – 6. (While I didn't see anything that would make me nervous, I don't think they take a lot of time scrubbing things down.)
Drinks – 7 (Good assortment of sodas, but that's about it.)
Location – 7 (You have to go through a weird intersection and then try to find parking.)
Misc. – 7 (Hand sanitizer after eating a juicy burger was nice.)
Restroom – 5 (Unisex.)
Sides – 7 (If you like tempura style / American Chinese fried food, you'll dig these.)
Staff – 8 (No-nonsense, down to business. No wait staff.)

Bonus points – 8 (Halal.)

TOTAL SCORE: 60.5 of a possible 100. 

Thumbs up from Breet. 


Anonymous said...

Unisex bathrooms are the downfall of western civilization. If I'm sharing a bathroom with a woman, we'd better be sharing other things as well.

Yellow Dart

Corn Salsa said...

I will definetely be checking this place out. Thanks for the line tips... seems like, in Richardson Texas, you either order by 11:30 or wait til 1:00.