Friday, February 21, 2014

Unofficial MAGICAL MYSTERY BURGER TOUR! - Henry's Tavern

Perhaps I should have had Totes McCoates make an unofficial MMBT! logo, as this tour stop was not planned by Scro nor a Texas independent burger joint.

I wanted to have lunch with CC and she suggested Henry's Tavern in Plano since it was just up the street from me and down the way from her new job. (I found out later that she had a coupon.)

Took a fun selfie outside because it was so gorgeous today. My smile doesn't translate well in this pic. Let's look at CC's selfie instead.
Much better! We got a table and dove into all the latest gossip. After our waiter, Cody, took our order the place started to fill up. And I mean PACKED with guys cheering on the US Hockey team. At one point, it felt like CC and I were shouting at each other. 
This is a before photo. You can see the bar and big screen before the place got slammed. We waited 35 minutes for our meal and I finally had to track down the hostess to ask about the delay. She was apologetic and blamed the game, but we still didn't see Cody anywhere. I got the burger, nothing fancy, and had asked for it medium.
Lovely brioche bun and crisp seasoned fries. The pickle was rather spicy and that's garlic mayo on the side. 
That's not medium, but I was hungry.The tavern started to really fill up.
A lot of cursing when Canada scored. I felt bad for CC and wanted to cover her ears. 
I don't remember taking this photo. It looks like my camera is on an acid trip. 
Finished everything on my plate (which I regret 3 hours later... ugh, burger baby.) Before we left, I made a quick stop to the Ladies. It's really large. 

Six stalls and three sinks! It definitely is more of a tavern bar than a restaurant, that's for sure.
I tipped Cody $4, even though our food was late and he barely checked on us. Didn't seem like there was a lot of waitstaff, so I didn't want to punish him for that. 

Ambiance – 5 (Sports bar, uncomfortable chairs, no outside patio.)
Burger – 5.5 (Overdone.)
Cleanliness – 8. (Very tidy.)
Drinks – 8 (Two different ciders on tap.)
Location – 7 (Parking is easiest in the complex, though they offer valet.)
Misc. – 5 (Open bar and televisions throughout, very loud.)
Restroom – 8 (HUGE!)
Sides – 9 (The fries were actually better than the burger. Hold on the pickle though.)
Staff – 3 (Sorry Cody, you were charming to begin with, but lost us once you left the table.)

Bonus points – 5 (Cloth napkin.)

TOTAL SCORE: 58.5 of a possible 100. 

Since it was an unofficial burger stop, they have room for improvement before I would head back.
Happy Friday!

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