Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tie Tuesday

Bound and determined to make today less stressful and "tie" up loose ends (horribly bad pun intended.) Here's a snapshot of today's participants.

Hello Bruce* (far left) is rocking the skinny, black tie; very retro and uber cool of him (as always!)

Next, we have Utah "busily working" in a yellow Jones of New York number. His color palette choices are quite springy and floopy. I'm digging it and glad that the white number did not appear again today. Good job Utah!

Adame, Tie Tuesday Godfather, has a very busy Gap piece featuring hundreds of little life preservers. There's a joke there about life preservers and work, but it's not coming to me.

And then me, looking rather portly to be honest, in my signature Brioni tie. It's sticky in thiis office today. Like humid sticky. No one knows why.

*Hello Bruce. You have to say it with the same inflection/tone/style as seen in the Pixar hit, "Finding Nemo". "Helloooooo Bruce"

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