Sunday, October 9, 2011

The one in which I throw a temper tantrum at the bank

Missed a few Workout Wednesday reports, so let me sum up.

Work was a little crazy, planning lots of things and late afternoon meetings, so I missed a workout... or five. Had to reschedule with Amazon Amy twice, but she came at me with mad trainer juju in hour long sessions.
Amy: "You need to get more water into your body. Two gallons a day!"
Me: "Are you INSANE!?
Yes, we have established that she is insane. Brilliant, but insane. Super fit, but insane. Awesome trainer, but INSANE!)

So yesterday (Saturday) I dragged Hubster and Billy* to the gym for an early morning workout. I wogged** one mile on the treadmill first. Then started in on ab crunches, inner thigh contractions, quad pushes, calf pulls... then Amazon Amy showed up and put me through a final circuit with additional abs, back and then my least favorite, wiggley arms. What are wiggley arms? you might ask. Well, I will tell you! Stand up and put your arms out to the side, like you are making a T. Now shake your arms about. You know those wiggley bits on your upper arms that are bouncing about now? Those are the muscles that get worked during the wiggley arms exercise. Effing kills. Those muscles BURN!

So, long story short (too late) I got in a good workout. Hubster ran a mile in ten minutes and twenty-six seconds. He was beating himself up about the twenty-six seconds. Really wants to get back to a military ten minute mile. For a 41 year-old, having a six-pack and almost no body fat is pretty much as awesome as it gets. Don't worry about the twenty-six seconds! Heck, I wogged a sixteen minute mile. So there!

Other points to note about the weekend that have nothing to do with working out:

1) Freaked out at the bank and made a huge scene because I thought I had lost my passport. I could have sworn it was in my safety deposit box. When I checked and it wasn't there, I nearly lost it. Since we are leaving for Nassau, Bahamas in three days it's pretty damn important to have a passport. I immediately texted the girls that we had to cancel book club because I needed to get my ass home to find my passport. While driving like a madwoman home, Hubster found it in the file cabinent. Then, I called the girls back, but Daniela had already made other plans. Bueno was sick, and fasting for Yom Kippur, so she was out. Bodie was going to the Zoo or something with her daughter and mother. Rach was already on her way (hooray!) and Sherry Berry was headed up. So BCP was back on.

2) Book Club Peeps. The book was "One Fine Day' by ummm... someone. They just made it into a movie with Anne Hathaway and the dude from "Across the Universe". Jim Sturgess? Anyhoo, Rach didn't like it. Sherry Berry thought it was depressing. I didn't even finish it (and had talked to Daniela earlier in the week, she didn't finish it either.) I knew Bueno had liked it, so it's a bummer she wasn't there to tell us how she connected with it. Not sure what Bodie thought. But this is all a moot point since Rach, Sherry Berry and I spent a good hour and a half talking about what's going on in our lives - not the book. In fact, as we got our checks from the SERIOUSLY inattentive waitress at the Fillmore Pub, I said "Oh god, we haven't even talked about the book!" But as I mentioned, it was a very brief three minute discussion between us that we all couldn't get into it or didn't like it. Then we made our selection for next time: 'The Night Circus' by Emma Morgenstern. Looks good!

3) In a few hours, Joe Black is coming over to shoot our first consumer generated content spot. Basically, he finds the competitions online, then we decide which would make sense to enter. I brainstorm and come up with a bunch of concepts. Then we pick a few, I go back and write up scripts. Plan against those. Refine. Select location. Find talent. Shoot (Joe Black shoots, directs, etc. I'm just on set assistant.) Then he goes back and does his editing juju. We enter the competition and see what happens. We've got a production name (2C@ST) so that's good. It's not really about making money (although if we win, that's a nice chuck of change.) More about working on our craft. (I can't believe I just typed craft. That's so bougie! Whatevs.) It's using my creativity and working on my writing (beyond this bloggity blog blog.)

So my three readers, that about sums up. Maybe I'll get some blogging in on my vacay. Post some pics of Nassau to make you jealous. Or, more likely, I'm just going to be snorkeling all day, drinking, laying in the sun, and generally enjoying my hubs. (insert joke here)

Reeses Pieces.

* Billy is Chris' friend from the Navy days. He's sobered up a lot in the last ten years. This is the dude who would get ridiculously drunk and kicked out of clubs, or in one case he was actually kicked out of Mexico. I'm not kidding! KICKED OUT OF MEXICO! A COUNTRY KNOWN FOR ITS TEQUILA! Hubster had to basically carry him across the border. Then he calls me at 4am and says "Can you come get us? We're at the border." I'm like, "Are you serious?? It's 4am!" So I drag myself out of bed, get in Gus the VW bug, and drive sleepily down to the border. There's Hubster and Billy, basically passed out on the side of the street. As soon as Billy gets in the car, he says "I think I'm going to puke." He takes a deep breath and then says "G? Can we get some Jack in the Box?" I am not kidding.

**Wogged. Definition: a mixture between walked and jogged. Or wogging. "There I was on the treadmill, totally wogging, watching "The Big Bang Theory" on my iPad."

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