Monday, April 9, 2012

Not so funny April Fools Day joke

On flight home from Seattle, Hubster decides to tell me a "funny" story about a recent event with one of his friends.

Hubs: So Stacy was coming down on April Fools Day to visit Steven at his house. The guys decide they're going to play a joke on her when she arrives. It's night and she pulls up in the car. She gets out of the car and starts to walk towards the house. So Steven and his friend have on ski masks and one of them grabs her by the arm. The other puts a hand over her mouth, then they pull her into the alley. Then the friend picks up her hair and sniffs it and says "Mmm, this is gonna be a good one tonight.' So then she starts crying and they pull off the masks-"

Me: -What? WTF? Why would they do that!

Hubs: Cause it was funny! As soon as she started crying, they pulled off the masks and said 'Calm down. Calm down. It's just a joke. April Fools.' Besides, she immediately punched Steven and gave him a shiner.

Me: That's not funny. That's freaking scary, she thought she was going to get raped.

Hubs: Why would she think that?

Me: WHAT? Of course she thought she was getting raped. They were wearing masks and pulled her into an alley, then the friend smelled her hair and says 'mmmm, this is gonna be a good one tonight'?? That's messed up.

Hubs: They never said they were going to rape her. They could have been two gay hairstylists.

Me: That's not even logical! Why would a woman think two gay hairstylists would kidnap her in ski masks and pull her into the alley.

Hubs: Well, it's just a little step up from jumping out and saying boo.

Me: No. No. There is QUITE a gap between saying boo and dragging a woman into an alley wearing a ski mask.

(Many hours later. We get home and the argument resurfaces.)

Hubs: Well you need to call someone and get an unbiased opinion. I think it's funny.

Me: Well then let me call Sarah.

Hubs: No, Sarah is squeamish.

Me: How about Devo?

Hubs: No, Devo has a thing about being touched.

Me: Ok fine. Rachel. (Hubs agreed.)

(ring ring. Hi! Pleasantries exchanged. I tell Rachel I need her opinion on whether she thinks something is funny. I tell her the story.

Me: What do you think?

Rach: That's not funny, I would have thought I was being raped.

Me: SEE!!!!

Hubs: No one ever said anything about rape. They could have been two gay hairstylists.

Rach: (fit of laughter) Uh no, that's not funny. It's messed up.

Me: Well, he got his comeuppance. He got punched in the eye.

Rach: I would have done a lot worse, I would have punched him in the balls.

Hubs: Okay, memo to self, NO SKI MASKS.


Sarah said...

Squeamish? Surely that must be referring to an entirely different Sarah. PS - that was an AWFUL April Fools joke. Holy balls.

G said...

Yeah, not you. It was Iowa Sarah. Hubs said I couldn't ask you cause you would take my side no matter what.