Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sightless in Seattle (Part One)

(Warning: This post contains Evil Trees and Blood)

Hubster and I had some American Airlines points to redeem and decided to visit a city neither of us had been to... Seattle, Washington. We've always wanted to go; with all the rain (which we love), greenery and outdoorsy-ness, liberal mindset of the citizens, and recommendations from friends. In fact, one of Hubs ex-Navy friends lived there and we thought it could be a nice visit after 8 years. Added bonus, I got a two-night room at a swanky, arty, boutique hotel for freesies. Hooray! Off to Seattle we go!

After sending off the boopins to Woofgangs Doggy Day Care (shout out - love you guys) we headed to the airport and boarded the new 7 series. I was promised a window and yet my aisle WAS THE ONLY AISLE ON THE PLANE WITHOUT A WINDOW! Sad. Four hours later we landed in Seattle, took the train to the city and found Hotel Max.

Hotel Max is a fun place. You feel like a Rock Star, or a Roadie with the Band at the least. Each room door has a unique full sized black and white photo, something ... arty. (I'm using arty a lot. I'm tired, sorry.) The guest rooms are small with no bathroom to speak of (a toilet, single sink and shower stall) but comfy sheets on the beds and clean.

So we got all touristy. It was wicked sunny outside and all of Seattle was out on the streets. So much for the promised rain * le sigh *. Met up with Roberta & her boyf. Saw the famous Pike Place Public Market. Wandered the stalls. Bought a few trinkets for the work peeps. Generally enjoyed our afternoon. That evening we had great food, drinks and the rest is none of your bidness.

Next day, we woke up at 6:30am (which felt like sleeping in) and hit the streets. Walking numerous blocks, all we noticed was litter and bums. Litter and bums. Trash on the corners, empty Starbucks cups, paper, waste, unrecognizable materials ... and bums. Versus the day before where there were Street Buskers playing instruments, or magic tricks, or SOME kind of talent for money, today was just homeless people looking for a handout. Did I mention it was PEaster Sunday?

Walking walking walking... we finally got to the Seattle Space Needle. It wasn't open yet, so we decided to re-route and go to the Aquarium

(To be continued)

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