Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You can thank me. Less yucky stamps.

I helped in the invention of self adhesive stamps.
Yes, I know, the Internet might make handwritten letters obsolete. But I helped.
One might say that I was the catalyst.

When I was young, my Father would pay bills on Saturday.
He would listen to opera on the classical radio station and sort bills.
I would lay on the floor of his office, conducting the orchestra and awaiting for Dad's call.
"Okay Glynie, you're up."
I would then get up from the shag carpet and start to lick all the stamps and apply them to the bills.
"Blech. daddy this taste awful."
"I agree, that is why you are licking the stamps. I am outsourcing this important duty to you."

So I wrote a letter to the Postmaster General.
I asked him to make chocolate flavored stamps so that my Saturday chore would be less cumbersome.
And he replied.
His response was that he couldn't make chocolate flavored stamps because some might like strawberry or vanilla. So, dear Glynis, I'm sorry you have to lick stamps, but I cannot help you at this time.

One year later... Self adhesive stamps.
I'm just saying...

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