Thursday, May 3, 2012

And a Disco Ball... Proportionately Sized

When designing your new workspace, or "Career Stations" one must think of all the items you would want to have if the sky was the limit.

Career Station Space
- Table that can seat 8, hardwood, smooth surface
o To be used within the career stations as a collaboration zone for proofing mechanicals, going over workflow, creative brain-storming… so that if we need to answer our phone or get to computer, it’s easier than locking ourselves in the control room

- Touchscreen with internet connectivity on the enclosed wall space
- Paper Recycling station!!!
- Digital color printer / scanner
- New leather office chairs that are ergonomically built for our career station
- Selection of plants (at least one per person)
o Because oxygen and color and living things are good

- Marketing only smallish refrigerator – that can hold OUR food not to mention back up insulin – this is huge because we can’t trust our meds to the common room fridge
- Mini bar that we could have a cocktail on Friday evenings or a glass of wine
- If they remove the file cabinets along the walls, we need our own file cabinets – in a BIG way

Common area
- Three cushy sofas and/or chairs plus a low coffee table
- Hi-definition SMART television, with cable, with internet access
o To access Bloomberg TV and CNN

- Remote keyboard and mouse system
- Magazine rack and a newspaper rack to hold our advertising materials
- Pop up – like what we take to events to display collateral
- Three Floor lamps, strategically placed so that we can turn off the overhead lights
- Three floor pillows
- Multipanel screen that can be placed across a gap for added privacy – note: not permanent, but like a Shoji screen
- XBOX 360 w/Kinect - for team building, letting off stress
- Wii gaming system, along with an assortment of team building games like Wii Sports
- Dartboard
- Disco ball – proportionate to the space
- Plastic plants and Festivus pole
- 40-gallon Aquarium with live fish
- Assortment of games like Pictionary (along with standup easel that is whiteboard), CLUE, RISK, Stratego, Battleship, Scrabble

I don't think that's too much to ask.

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