Monday, May 7, 2012

Music Monday - Bad Case of Love, BB King

When I was younger, I was quite skeptical of what I saw in the movies being "real". I didn't believe in E.T., thought the big ball of rock chasing after Indy was ridiculous, and always had issues with Data's inventions working 1) even lifting his body weight off the ground and 2) working in the first place.

So when I saw a cartoon where Elmer Fudd slipped on a banana peel, I had to know for sure. I wolfed down a banana, threw the peel on the floor, took a running start and stepped squarely on it.

To say that I slipped and slid would be an understatement.  To say my poor ten-year old bum hurt for a week, is not.

With no correlation that I can find, here is today's Music Monday selection: Bad Case of Love by BB King.  Perhaps BB King likes bananas? Maybe one of the "B"s stands for Banana.  This song might be playing at a Banana Republic right now... discuss.

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