Thursday, January 15, 2015

Chips and Chats

Elsa Cat is shooting a :30 :60 :90 spot for our company today, and as the Nosey Nellie I am, I wanted to go over and check it out. Before doing so, it was lunchtime and I asked Neavesy if she wanted to hit up Chuy's.
"Sure, I guess. I've never been."
How is this possible? A Texas native who had not been to Chuy's?

Off we went. Chips were had. Jalapeno ranch was dipped. Tacos devoured. (No alcoholic beverages were consumed.)
Here is the range of topics we discussed in the space of an hour:

Oscars: nominations, movies, best pictures, what we need to see (Selma, American Soldier, Theory of Everything), most won awards and Disney
Whoppi Goldberg
Audrey Hepburn
Lewis CK
Black Jeopardy
Everything is Awesome
Lego movie not being made of legos

The conversation had a great cadence which continued on to the shoot where we met up with Elsa Cat and talked for two hours. I'm loving my team.

(I texted KelBel and PinTrish a photo of the chips and dips, just to rub it in their faces. They weren't too amused.)

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