Thursday, June 2, 2011

What I Learned in May

Good days to book trips on American Airlines
Things about Robyn's husband's nose habits.
Fred likes a nice, cold beer after a walk.
BRIC countries = Brazil, Russia, India, China
Taylor looks good in pink.
Men see lace and think about sexytime.
Bonaroo is June 9-12
Nixon was in office from 69 - 74
How to incorporate 'Creepy Fred' into 'Salad is my friend'
Those Brandenbergs who rule the world.
Political candidates keep the money they have raised.
I love snorkeling and want to learn scuba.
Keep your receipts or Customs will search you.
Iguanas love Marachino cherries.
George Washington didn't get sworn in until 1789.


Rachel said...

Please tell...what days are good to book with AA?

G said...