Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Workout Wednesday - The Beginning

For the past nine years, I've been living in a state of constant stress and really haven't placed value on taking care of myself. Everyone else's needs came first, which is fine - I chose that by taking care of the needs of family and trying to be a good person by helping those in transition - but now that it's just X and I in the house with our boopins, it's time to be selfish. Yes, more selfish than before.

It would be easy for me to blame the weight on the Great Ski Trip of Disaster and Disappointment for a bum knee (which I do) but truly I need to blame myself for not caring enough about my own health and fitness. If your body is a temple, I treated mine like Filene's Basement on discounted wedding dress day.

Not being a fan of exercise since, well... birth, I've finally embarked on a journey of healthiness. The goal is to get my heart strong and muscles in shape so I'm not wheezing whilst traipsing up stairs (with the hopeful added benefit of losing lbs.) I debated whether to blog about it, but this is what will hold me accountable. It's public. It's honest. And as the blog title suggests, very egocentric and true to my form.

So here goes. I've never been heavier than this current weight in my entire life, which needless to say is about 60 lbs more than where I imagine myself to be. I've hired a trainer, Amazon Amy*, who has been kicking my fat ass into shape twice a week. Three other nights a week I do cardio for 30 minutes and play Words With Friends and listen to good tunes to try and make the time go by more quickly. I haven't felt adrenaline yet, though my colleague Robyn swears it will happen. I'm eating well, watching the sugar and carbs, but still have a weakness for wine. I'm tracking all my foods and exercise on the Anytime Health ap. That's where we are at today.

It's been four weeks, I've lost about five pounds and feel good about this direction. I am going to post each Workout Wednesday and hope that you enjoy reading about it. Maybe I can inspire my three readers that if I can do it, you can too. Or support your current health habits. Or just entertain you in some way. Let the journey begin.

*She's five feet tall, pretty, all muscle, blond, perky and fantastic. If the world were populated by Amy's, there would be no war, never a need for Prozac and every puppy would have a loving home.


Rachel said...

When you say Amazon Amy, I totally didn't picture a 5ft blonde : ) I think it's great you're focusing on you. You deserve it! I wish we lived closer so we could work out together.

HH said...

Good on yah, G!
I just had a workout planning session at our new gym. Goal: drop 15 lbs but I consider it a success if I can just get my ass in there 4x a week. I'm going to grab some books on tape to try to make it go faster and flex my big brain at the same time.