Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Workout Wednesday Report - Sweating with other chubsters

As this picture might express, I'm feeling pretty good today. Just got back from Anytime Fitness (shout out) after 30 minutes on the elliptical, the crazy one that allows you to modify strides. I happen to prefer this machine as it allows me to time my footfalls with whatever music I'm listening to versus a treadmill where I would have to adjust the pace up or down. X made me a new play list "pUnk rOck" which had a mishmash of Danzig, My Chemical Romance and Billy Idol (the crush still holds after all these years... oh Cradle of Love, the first "sexy" video I ever saw.) As you can tell, it wasn't really a punk play list, especially once I hit Moxy Fruvous and Nina Simone, but it was made with great intentions and I enjoyed it. But let me backtrack the week and report properly.

After last week's posting, I got in a few more cardio workouts, then a Saturday morning training session with Amazon Amy. She had another client tag-teaming who was a gorgeous mid-forties woman with a rocking bod. I was envious and said I wanted to look like her and Amy said, "You should tell her that. She doesn't think so." Proves the point that everyone has their own body issues to work through. Thirty minutes of paid pain later, I rushed home to shower and meet the Book Club Peeps at Benedict's on Belt Line. Bueno, Bonita Chiquita and Dirty Sturdy rounded out our table - I was good and had lox and veg, hold the bagel. After making my apologies at 11am, rushed home to grab X and make our way to the airport for Vegas Lacking Father's Weekend.

Vegas. Bellagio. My first time visiting as an adult. Learned I am a pretty good craps player, got to hangout with Ky, saw the UNBELIEVABLE Cirque du Soliel "O" show, supped at Prime Steakhouse (asked for the Chef's preferred truffle oil: Sabatino black truffle,) drank vodka & tonic per Amy's reco and generally had a luxurious time. I even had Cheerios for breakfast the next day. Look at me! Avoiding the buffet of bacon and pancakes!

Now this is where I slipped a little. I didn't get any exercise Sunday or Monday, I was tired and not up to it. When I showed up for my Tuesday training session, Amy was cool. "Just get in what you can, don't kill yourself." Did I mention how much I heart Amy? She proceeded to abuse my back and hammies for 30 minutes, probably since I flaked for the previous two days of work, but I came out of the session sweaty and feeling stronger.

That catches us up to today. X says he can tell I've lost weight. I think he's being a good hubster, I don't see it, but compliments are good so 'll take it. I truly enjoy going to Anytime Fitness as the other five people in there were other chubs like me, most of whom a good ten or twenty years older. Brent gave me the wassup nod as I climbed onto the machine and there was a gal on the stair climber that had a booty Kelvin would drool over.

So that's the report. Please comment back on suggestions for songs that are really great to listen to while passing the time on the machines, I'd appreciate it.


Rachel said...

I"m so proud of you! If I lived closer, I'd be one of the other chubsters working out with you : )

G said...

Thanks Rach. Wanna make me a Dirty Sturdy playlist?

Anonymous said...

I hate the gym with white hot intensity as well, but in a limited effort to make it more bearable I find these albums helpful:

Justice - "Cross"

and the recently reissued Queens of the Stone Age - Self titled. It just has a good, plodding, dirty rock n roll vibe that makes the grind less boring and awful.