Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Alice was a fraud

I would be remiss not to report back on the ridiculousness of the gal who portrays Alice at Walt Disney World. She has a ridiculous Cockney accent that could not be understood by three year-olds, let alone myself. Clearly, she was American affecting an accent, but it wasn't posh or truly British... "Ah hue gettin in ta any tru bell?" she asks before the photo was taken. "What? Travel? Huh? Lady I don't have the foggiest idea what you're saying!" Apparently, she was asking if I was getting into any trouble. It was awful, I could fake a British accent better than her. All she had going was her looks. Sad, sad indeed.

I was supported in my anger later at Epcot where the ACTUAL British citizens who worked in the England section were just as highly miffed that Alice wasn't an authentic Londoner. However, the White Rabbit gave me the biggest hug-off-the-ground hug ever (hence the super smile on my face here and note that X refused to even touch her.)

Side note, my "binge" t-shirt worn here, where the Cookie Monster has had one too many shots of milk, was a HUGE hit.

Suck it faux-Alice.

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