Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The One When Hubs Met The Neighbors

Hubs pulls up to the house and happens to notice that there is someone working on the scary house at the end of the street.

He gets out of the truck, sees the dude with a shovel finally leveling up the yard that we've been looking at for the last six years. Looks like multiple bodies are buried in the front yard. Kids at Halloween wouldn't even trick-or-treat there.

The dude gives Hubs the Universal chin raise... the what's up look.

Hubs walks down the street and says "How ya doin, Did you just get the place?"

Dude says "No man, this is my girls place. Just moved in."

"Looks good man, you're doing a great job."


"Yeah, the people before you let the lawn grow crazy, like five feet high. It was known as the scary house. If you don't mind me asking, are you renting the place or did you buy it?"

"No, my girl owns it, but I just got over here."

"Oh that's cool. How long has she been here?"

"About four years."

Hubs thinks... Ohhhh... damn. "Well I've been in Cali for a while, so ummm... its been a while since I've seen the place welcome."

Hubs, recovering quickly... "Well anyway, welcome to the neighborhood." Reaching out his hand to welcome the dude with the former scary place. "What's your name man, I'm Chris."

"My name is Ca-londge-ah-nal"

Hubs stutters and thinks, colonostopy? Yeah, he had to walk away before spouting nonsense. He thought his name was a medical procedure.

Then walked away thinking, "What is wrong with me?"

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