Monday, May 16, 2011

Music Monday - Triple Threat!

Someone fed me rum balls in my sleep, I'm almost positive. That's the story I'm going with anyway. I'm indecisive, so I'm going to pick three songs for today's MM. "You can't do that G!" Oh yes, I can. It's my bloggy blog.

1) "Eyes Be Closed" by Washed Out. If you're feeling beachy, ready for a vacation to - oh, I don't know... ST THOMAS! (11 days!) - then this song is for you. Moby-esque. Could easily be a substitute for any of the chilltastic tunes you'll hear this summer by the pool.

2) "Whirring" by The Joy Formidable. For my artsy reader, take a look at the video. Someone put A LOT of effort into this. The song is cool, gets stuck in your head though, so be careful. (Not stuck in your head like a "Come Sail Away" or "I'm blue da ba dee" but still catchy.

3) "Echoes" by Klaxons. Here's one for a fast drive into the sunset. And yes, I heard this first on XMU, not from Need For Speed. Drummer is pretty radical.

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