Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I learned today - Month of April

Sorry for the delay (to my three readers), but with any luck I will be a new Mac laptop owner this evening! Weeeeeeeee!

• Be nice to American Airlines crew and they'll upgrade you to first class
• I don't know how to spend $10,000,000
• G g g g g g g glynie and her jets!
• Bernie might be related to Gary Coleman
• Don't argue with Kelvin at lunchtime
Tils is a word. Lits is not.
• They don't take out bad kidneys when you get a new one.
• Delete your sent email.
Rugen can roll down windows.
• American Airlines doesn't give points to companions. Booooo.
Adame has a duuuuuuuuumb bordation.
• Name of the blonde singer in the Muppets… Janis!
• Barbara and her hubby are uber mystery shoppers.
• Things about net cumulative stuff.
• The right of prima nocta

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