Saturday, May 7, 2011

ROUND THIRTEEN - Friendly Fires versus Trampled By Turtles

I find myself in a unique position.

One, because I am back in my jammy jams after an evening about town with Ringo & Devo - great time, too bad that Abacus' lobster shooters gave us shooting from the other end (TMI, sorry Clayton, but it's true) - and therefore not in a fantastical need to write tonight, but prevail I must!

Two, I have my new pretty pretties MacBook Pro and transferring ten years worth of music from the craptastic PC tower, therefore, I want to write in this here bloggy blog during the lull. I know my three readers are dying to know who wins the competition for Best Band name at SXSW; cannot let ya'll down.

And finally, last but not least, I have listened to pretty much all of the songs I am going to by each band. How the honey badger am I going to pick a winner?

Well, you're still reading, so I'll tell you. A combination of facebook fans, best t-shirt, coolest website and sheer random Gfunky gut selection. As Ford Dent would say, Don't Panic! Let's get this show on the road.

FRIENDLY FIRES - 137, 594 fans, martinis on the t-shirt, good website - very colorful and informative. (Hey Bueno, tell your bro they'll be in DC on May 26th, Memorial Day weekend - he might like them.)

TRAMPLED BY TURTLES - 37,900 devoted fans, a more awesome website where you can instantly listen to tracks, and a check out the pretty rad t-shirt below. (Hogi, they'll be in Sacto on May 19th - $12! at Harlow's - sadly, no shows in my neighborhood planned.)

Going to go with Trample By Turtles. Just a great band name, really. They're jam-erific and seem to have an innate quality that makes me want them to win. And since I'm the sole judge, that is the verdict.

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