Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In my noggin

I really want a hunk of sourdough bread and some Brie.
Why does Moocha Poocha Chubby Wubby Fat Boy like to lick his feet?
I never had a locker like you see on Glee.
Why can't my colleagues break out into song?
I guess we will go with a cabinet reface.
You call that an earthquake?
Really should listen to NPR and find out about this Libya thing.
Wendy's fries are pretty awesome, but not as good as McDs.
I am NOT seeing that Contagion flick.
Guess we need to build a bunker.
A woman in that skirt and heels doesn't work on her feet all day.
Jason Statham, yum.
That's a Brooks Brothers polo shirt.
Mark Saling really does look like Robbie Williams.
I hate bullies
Show me a real woman in that ad, not a stick.
Who invented high heel shoes?
How old is Cloris Leachman?

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