Monday, August 22, 2011

Music Monday: Quiet Please by Galactic

Press play. Before you read, press play

So let's talk about "the line" shall we? I don't mean The Man in Black, walking the line; I'm talking about when you realize that things have to change. The moment when you take a good, hard look at what you want, what you expect for your future, what you want to accomplish, where you expect yourself to be (and who is in it) and decide, unreservedly, that this is the absolute moment where you draw a line.
Putting into the parlance of our times; I'll use a situation, just for sh*** and giggles.

Think of someone from your past. You come across that person and get excited to speak with them again. So you do. You strike up a friendly email conversation. Witty banter spreads across the miles. Inside jokes. Great music swapped. Remembrances of moments at 4 am where you cannot believe you are still awake, but do not want the night to end. Road trips, both memorable in their uniqueness and frustrating in the honesty of what will come. Trust. Honesty. Games... oh, the games that are played. You think back on this time in your life and feel a rush of... youth and longing. Excitement. Adrenaline for what you would do now, if you had a chance to go back then.

You know that if you just pick up the phone, that person will be there like no time has past. The connection resumes. You have that opportunity. You know it. They know it. It's an awesome and stunning moment. Like when a wave peaks at its crest and the sun hits it perfectly.

So you take a tentative step into the water, dip a toe as it were. And you slowly come to realize, it's all a dream; like a mirage in the desert as you slowly walk to your dying thirst, out of the frying pan and into the fire. It's a moment in time, a figment in your head of that time in space where you were at your best, they were at their best, and it's illogical that you would have that moment in time again. (Insert your own thoughts into what would happen in that scenario.)

When do you accept emails? Where do you meet again in person? Drinks. What comes around, goes around, and the situation ends in tears... they always do. With just the knowledge that you can NEVER put things back together again. There is no super glue for this Humpty Dumpty.

That's the line. Right there. I'm not crossing it.

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