Monday, August 8, 2011

Music Monday - Bringing sparkle back with Rock DJ by Robbie Williams

You know how you are in your car, behind another car, waiting at a light to make a left hand turn? Well, I have this thing where I try to synchronize my indicator clicks (tick tick tick tick) to match up with the rear light flashing on the car in front of me (on off on off). I've never heard anyone else admit to doing this, maybe I'm weird.

When I had my VW Bug it appeared to work best on other European cars, which isn’t that surprising. While I couldn’t get it right, it came very close and even matched a few times before falling out of pattern. Those small moments of triumph made my day. Of course now I have my Nissan Cube, Super Gus the Hippie Bus, in which everything old is new again.

This morning, I was behind another manufactured-in-Asia car leaving the Tom Thumb parking lot (thanks for the espresso con panna Ted!) Without even trying, I flicked on my indicator (X calls it a clicker) and perfectly matched with the car in front of me. I couldn’t believe it. Didn’t even TRY to match it and it came out PERFECT! I mean, those clicks and flashes were in perfect harmony.

Since the day started so fortuitously, I shall end it just as awesomely. I'm going to get me some bath salts, chocolate strawberries, a lottery ticket and watch me some RW.

Best part? Two minutes in with the wink 'n a grin.

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