Monday, August 1, 2011

Music Monday - R.X. Bertoldi & Ray Lamontagne

I WOULD share a fantastic song from a gifted singer/songwriter R.X. Bertoldi... I WOULD share it, but R.X. "Bob" Bertoldi has disabled embedded videos on his youtube channel. My assumption is that he doesn't want people lifting a free song by using a web to mp3 converter. Hey "Bob" Bertoldi, I'm going to buy your song legitimately from iTunes or where ever you have it for sale, and I'm going to check out your other stuff too, but kind of a bummer that I can't share your lovely melody and attention grabbing voice with my three readers. However, I must say, Mister Bertoldi you have a lovely chapeau and your name reminds me of a great bowl of Shrimp Alfredo... mmm. Noms.
That being said, please copy/paste the link below into a new browser and check him out. Good stuff.

So I'm going to throw up another option below. I'm not really familiar with Ray Lamontagne, he's pretty groovy and not too Jack Johnsony, but still a hepcat for the hipsters. Dig it.

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