Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Workout Wednesday Report : BOOYAH!

Incredibly and wonderfully proud of myself. After three months of workouts with Amazon Amy, including cardio and diet modification, I have lost 12% body fat.
Ya, srsly.

Tuesday, August 16th was the official 12 week measurement with the caliper and tape. Each time Amy took a body measurement, she would giggle and make weird happy noises.
“What is it?!”
“Oh, it’s good, you’ll see!”

So when she stepped back after all the prodding, twenty measurements taken from my neck all the way to my calves, I was anxious to hear the results.

I went from 46% to 34% body fat in three months. Now, my weight has only dropped by ten pounds, but that due to the muscle that I have put on in place of all the fat. According to the measures, I have 157 pounds in lean mass and about 75 pounds in fat. So there you go. I’m shooting for another ten pounds lost by October 11th (which is coincidentally, the day before I leave on vacation in the Bahamas.)

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HH said...

Yey for you!!! Im trying to bring down my body fat % too. J and I did the dunk tank method and heard a 2-hour talk on nutrition. I actually smiled through boot camp class this morning. Yes I can, Yes I can.