Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Coffee and Such

On Monday, all I cared about was the weather.
I'm sick of these triple degree heat days.

On Tuesday, I wanted to run away from Dallas on a jet plane.

The hand sanitizer is ever present after watching Contagion.

Today's last resort is to hope that I'm secretly a witch with magical powers and can perform Aquamendi.

 Apparently my Barrista hasn't read Harry Potter.
Harminey Granger: You sing a C and I'll take 1/3 above that, m'kay?

In other news, I finally dropped a Facebook "Friend" and feel pretty good about that decision.
Not because of their postings or anything,  it was just terribly hypocritical to say they are my "friend" when I don't really give a flying rats patootie about them.


Adame said...

Going to FB now to see if I was the friend you dropped.

G said...

Nopes. I told you who I dropped?