Sunday, August 26, 2012

Haunted High School Quotes

Let's not blow this. Get back on the horse.
What if I blow it? We'll give you a push big boy!
So what do you guys do for fun? I've had enough practice for one day.
What the hell was that? FrankenFrogs.
We are way, way deeper than that, man. Don't let me needle you.
That much ectoplasmic activity could be the answer for earthquakes!
You're setting yourself up for Polterbush!
(hubs says: they feed on fear. I'd say, 'bitch, you need to see a dermatologist.')
Okay, I gotta destroy the rings. Do I need to put them in a volcano or something?
(hubs says: where's Frodo when you need him?)
Times up bitch! Times up! Acid is a bad trip.
Can Whitney Doulas please report to the morgue.

Omg this movie is craptastic.

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