Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SYTYCD - Top 10 Review

***WARNING*** This post is a little more "stream of consciousness" . I was tired, drinking, and didn't feel like making it all pretty pretty.

OMG Kat, you're wearing a disco ball. Hubster is more polite and says it looks like chain mail. Your stylist should be shot.

The Cool World Stomp (Reprise) - Mark Isham
This week we get the top 10 for the season plus all-stars from past years. We're starting out the group number on a "Gene Kelly" movie set. I bet only half of the dancers can name GK movies other than Singing in the Rain and White Christmas (the most racist movie title of all time.)
It's the 40s slash 50s. Dancers have garbage can lids on their feet. There goes the Cracker Jack kid and a bunch of sailors.  Ooooo, I get it. It's a combination of GK's famous works. Hello Broadway. This lacks excitement or chutzpah. All the female dancers hate the chick in green. I'm over it.

Bee tee dubs, Gene Kelly's widow looks 40. GK, you sly dog you! Kat says something while I'm typing and Hubster says "whole. nother. level." Nerely wee'd my pants.

Doria Sanchez routine
she says its fun studio 54. oh crap disco
Tiffany and all star Brandon
11 lifts. ELEVEN
you make me feel by cobra starship feat. sabi
she's disco princess lea without the hair buns
ahead of the beat
she's bendy
that's gotta give you a neck ache
judge screams "ugh" when judge screams. she does it on purpose! mary murphy
she looks like she's 11!!

Travis Wall routine
they are ghosts
Whitney and Nick from S1
Sing it Back - Moloko
true blood and vamparkle makeup
great moves. stop looking at audience if you are a ghost.
he looks like a freaking zombie

cole "asian edward cullen" and all star anaya chacha
dmitry chapman
glad you came - the wanted
omg how are they allowed to wear those outfits? anya is blue porn star barbie. did you get that at fredricks of hollywood?
mary murphy has cool ring though
shirt open distracts me
he looks full of himself
good dancing

lindsay and jakob omg you have super gaydar voice "its sooo hard to see whats happening with that screen"
spencer liff
what is with her michael jackson glove?
a shadow owes its birth to light, so you have to shine
*jazz hands*
jakob is gay eric from true blood
me and my shadow. should have seen it coming
stiff neck
bob fosse feel good
judges not saying anything mean

bollywood with all star kathryn and will
choreo by nakul
snake charmer. will has a flute and charming me in
ooh la la - the dirty picture
he's better than she is
play the will ferrell jazz flute
horrible beaded headband though

travis wall routine
black dude with big earlobes
jenny all star
outro - M83
hard routine best so far
tits exposed

benjamin judge is bland who is he? no good feedback

cryus has wonky eyes

cheon joins all star lauren in a dave scott hiphop routine
pretty wings- maxwell
cheon is a fluffy haired harry connick

george with astar allison
tyce deorio routine
1920s paris
missing the train
bahamut - hazmat modine
no one in 1920s paris dressed like that
she sure flips her hair a lot
how very french
pencil line douchebag moostache

elianna with allstar alex
elianna is gums mcgee - she's got gums, theyre multiplying
stacy tookey
contemporary song about a relatiosnhip too hard to leave
bangbang (my baby shot me down) - nancy sinatra
not sure why there was a tree there
really good
standing o
alex who hurt himself and i want him back

twitch and audrey
dave scott routine
400 year old couple who love and hate each other
sincerely, jane - janelle monae
best of the night
she was great as twitch!
watched it twice

the girls are all the same height
people got booted.

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