Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 : The Wall Wrapup

Nothing good comes from condoms and woodchips.
I am Trish Farley. I can say these things.
He could be constipated for all I know.
Some people have dashing good looks, some people have hard nips. I have both.
So we keep tugging and never finish?
Kiril, come here so I can smell you.
Are you pregnant or just fat?
I’m a slutty slut.
(whispering) And we’re with a “black” guy!
Don’t you want to just touch it! – Yes, it amazes me.
I’ve gotten older with age.
I’ve give you some honey but my honey got hard
I have to use the bathroom (operated by…)
What did I learn last night? You’re much nicer when you’re drunk.
He’s screwing us with porcupine needles and no grease!
Does he whack people? – Depends on your interpretation of “whack”.
You had me at pilot.
How do you spell Pocahontas? - Very carefully.
Oh, I got a mouthful from a pilot - A mouthful of what?

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