Sunday, January 22, 2012

Got so much love and even more theories

Was standing in the shower, rinsing the conditioner from my hair, and thought about how absurdly blessed I am that I was born in the US where a shower and conditioner is even available. How a majority of people in Africa have to fight for drinking water, let alone enough to be luxuriously letting a wave float over their hair and back. I'm so flipping lucky and I take it for granted. Bad G.

And then I sit at Book Club where I am spouting ridiculous theories to my peeps about why I can't take up photography because I have a dear friend who also takes pictures and I wouldn't want to infringe on her hobby. The dim sum waiters came and went, the conversation continued, and still I was reminded of my blessings in life.

I have it good. Amazingly good. I'm happy and have love all around me. So when I am dark and feeling blue, I need to remember those things.

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