Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hubster Gets All Painty

A few days ago, Hubster reached out to a gallery to see what the process is for submission. He's been painting for a while and building up a collection of work. Thanks to my former colleague for selling us his awesome giant easel, it's been fantastic not to have my desk covered in oil splatter. The previous three sentences are disjointed thoughts, but basically, he wants to see if his hobby could turn into something more. The gallery requested images, and then ANOTHER gallery called him out of the blue requesting to see his work. Kind of exciting!

So Devo came over today to take some digital shots (THANKS DEVO!) He has a disk ready and we'll see what happens. A lot of his work are beach scenes and then apocalyptic imagery. Perhaps Hubster needs to find a way to incorporate the two?

Thought I would share.

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