Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tie Tuesday - The one with all the bloops

I’m back in the world where no one wears a tie on Tuesday. I’m utterly unhip, which makes me hip, so rock on with my hipness! Here’s me, outside Leslie’s cube, enjoying the morning.
Adame claims that he doesn’t participate in Tie Tuesday anymore because he doesn’t want to iron a shirt. Quite believable, but the truth is probably more along the lines of wanting to be cool with the Gigantor crowd. Whatevs.

Up close and personal. This Brioni tie is pretty flippin’ sweet. It’s got splotches all over it… I call them bloops. Got quite a few complements on the color. Check out the bloops and bleeps. Super bloopy!

Where I stand right now is trying to determine whether I should sell off the hundreds of ties or continue to hold on to them. I wonder where I would sell them anyway. Ebay? Consignment shop?

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