Saturday, September 29, 2012

I'm not a great teacher

Hubster has cooked before, with "interesting" results. Since he taught me to clean weapons, I thought I would coach him through an easy Saturday meal and film it.

I think I said "Well you did it anyway" quite a few times. Not sure who is the better communicator and coach. I think I get frustrated really easily. I feel bad that I forgot his (deceased) Mother's first name. It was Anna Marie. I was thinking of his Aunt Mary. Either way, I botched that portion.

Haven't tasted it yet. A little bit concerned with the amount of salt he put in. At that point,  got frustrated and made him use canned tomatoes instead of having him cut fresh tomatoes an add them. But hey, that's why I have canned (no salt) tomatoes on hand.

5,000 peper towels were harmed during the filming of this production.

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