Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Slightly baudy, my apologies, but worth the giggle.

Watching the latest Chopped episode, where the appetizer round features conch... I look over at Hubster and he's laughing uncontrollably.
"What? What is so funny?"
"it sounds like they are saying 'cock' , not 'conch'. I'm sorry, but this is hilarious!"

So I start to listen closer and realize that it is, in fact, ridiculously hilarious.
For example: (change all conch to cock)

It's time to present the appetizers that you made from conch.
This dish is conch chowder.
But the conch is tough and in large pieces.
I think if you cut up the conch, you'd have a completely different dish.
The spice of the sausage really bolsters the conch, but what I'm really dying here for is a little juiciness.
In my opinion there's too much of the conch.
I think they way you prepared the conch is the most tender prepared today.
Even though we cared and appreciated your attention to the conch...

Ah, entertainment that's free.

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