Tuesday, September 11, 2012


You know me, (or maybe you don't - so go with me on this,) I love Robbie Williams. I really do. He's my Elvis. My Beatles.  (Insert your very important person here - it could even be this guy.)

Smoochie boochiums Mister Gibb!

I love Robbie. I have all his albums, even the imports. I have his DVDs. I have books about him, I flew to Amsterdam to see him in concert. I had a poster over my bed of the Robster during COLLEGE! I do not believe the boyfriends I had during this period liked it very much, but I didn't care. I.... HEART.... RW! (updated: just remember that I had the poster on the wall of my closet through the first year of my marriage.)

Too make a long story short (too late) back in 2003 or so I had the amazing opportunity to meet him in person at a radio station interview/performance. He won't remember meeting me of course;  he was there in all his Rob-Glory, taking photos, signing autographs, kissing the girls - this was pre-wife of course - and yes, I got one of those kisses. Even more awesome is that Hubster was overseas fighting in that little Iraq thingy so it TRULY made my day.  (Hubster has since gotten over it... I think... how can you turn down a kiss from THIS guy?)

So imagine my SQUEEEEEEE when I heard he's releasing a new album! 
Here's the video for the first single.

First listen:
Great beat and bouncy. Oh, I want to work out to this one! I want to dance to it. I WANT TO BUY IT NOW AND LISTEN TO IT OVER AND OVER!

Second time:
Trying to get the chorus down.

Hey Ho. Here's she goes.
either a little too high or something blow 
no self esteem and vertigo (?)
and she thinks she's a pansy (?)
Hey Ho. Here we go.
a little too loud or a little too slow?
there's a hurricane in the back of her nose and 
She thinks she's made of candy (?)

Three times a charm!
You gotta love a song with brass. I'm so self-obsessed I think he's singing about me and I'm the girl he's angel shadowing. *sigh* Any whooooo, here's what I'm pretty sure the lyrics are:

Candy - Robbie Williams, lyrics
I was there to witness
Candice's inner princess
She wants the boys to notice
Her rainbows and ponies

She was educated
But could not count to ten
Now she got lots of different horses
By lots of different men and I say

Liberate your
sons and daughters
the push is high but
in the hole there’s water

You can get some
When their given
Nothing’s sacred
but it’s a livin’

Hey Ho. Here she go.
Either a little too high or a little too low
Got No self esteem and vertigo
Cause she thinks she's made of candy.
Hey Ho. Here she go.
a little too loud or a little too close
Got a hurricane in the back of her throat and
She thinks she's made of candy

Ring a ring a roses
Whoever gets the closest
She comes and she goes
As the war of the roses

Mother was a victim
Father beat the system
By moving bricks to Brixton
And learning how to fix them

Liberate your
sons and daughters
the push is high
but in the hole there’s water

as you wish
you’ll be the (unknown)
if it don’t feel good
what are you doing it for
now tell me



'Take The Crown' will be released on November 5th. 

* 'I' before 'E' except after 'C' ... and apparently 'H'.

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