Thursday, September 13, 2012

In the Last 24 Hours...

I realized that I HATE the song that NPR plays along with the Art&Seek spot. I don’t know what it is, but it’s horrible and annoying. Especially the end that goes “Woooo” “Woooooo”. Gag me.
Nyquil now just makes Quil. It’s basically a sleep drink without all the stuffy, aching, fever stuff. ZzzQuil!!! Be honest, you need to sleep and don’t feel like chugging down vodka, have some ZzzQuil!

I was behind a cop in line at Starbucks and asked him what the green epaulets were about on his shoulder. Apparently, green = 911 response guys and red = traffic cops. So if you get pulled over by a guy with red lines on his shoulders, you’re hosed. Green? You might have a chance. Nice guy. Free coffee and he still tipped a buck and waited in line like the rest of us.

Ford Prefect came by my cube and taught me how to find really cool weather stuff. More interesting though was that I learned his two brothers were Prefects AND Head Boys! Not so much for Ford… he wasn’t even a Prefect. Nor was he familiar with “Hitchhiker's Guide” because he was too busy making out with some bird to watch the BBC version. He is fantastic with voices (Kennedy and Sean Connery) and started calling me MoneyPenny. So he is forgiven.

Finally… I now have “Candy”.  I can say with absolute honesty that I did not steal it. Nor did I ask it to be downloaded illegally. And I WILL buy the single legally when it comes out in the USA as well as purchase the double, super, extra filled album from RW’s website.  Terribly sorry to the person who allegedly downloaded it and got a whole bunch of malware and viruses. 


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