Wednesday, September 12, 2012

THIS IS bULL5|-|17

On a typical Wednesday, you would come to my blog and find a wrap up of last nights SYTYCD. I would be commenting on the lack of energy during the Nutcracker Suite ballet routine, or the OMFBALLS that number with the two guys and the music from District 13 which was striking! 

But no. 

Instead, I am completely frazzled because for some RIDICULOUS reason, iTunes USA does not have the new Robbie Williams single, "Candy", available for purchase! WHAT  THE FRAK!?!?! COME ON! Argentina can get it. Vietnam can purchase, no problem. LAOS and FRAKING Brunei can get this FRAKING SONG AND I CAN'T!!!>?!?! You know, Cuba and North Korea are the only two countries that don't sell coca-cola... BUT I BET THEY COULD BUY THIS SONG!


You can get THIS song on iTunes, but not Robbie Williams "Candy"?!?!

This is BULLShizz.

See RW sticking out his tongue here? That's pretty much what it feels like. "Hey G, you can't legally buy my new single. You'll have to wait for the album in November. HAHAHAHAHA"

You're kind of forcing me to get your song illegally Rob, do you realize this?

If the YouTube to Mp3 converter site had not been pulled, I would have already done it. As it stands, I have to wait for someone to upload it. I'm not saying I'll steal it... but it's that or I have to wait until the full album is available for purchase. 


Sorry Trish.

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