Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Come With Me Now

I haven't been listening to the radio lately, but I had an early morning meeting in Addison so I was flipping between stations. 91.7 KXT which is my "go to" station is having a membership drive, so I tried 102.1 which usually plays good alternative music in the morning. Sure enough, after a few moments a new tune started... with an accordion. Wait, what? An accordion? An accordion and a thumping drumbeat. Next, fat deep bass lines supporting the melody.

Woah! Come with me now. I'm going to take you down. 
Woah! Go with me now. I'm going to show you how.

I'm trying to figure out which band it is, but I'm driving and can't Shazam it. 102.1 doesn't always list the song and title. Glancing down at the dashboard, I see the title "Come With Me Now". Okay, that's a start but might be challenging to find on YouTube. I try to remember some lyrics just in case I have to search harder.

I think with my heart but ... confusing myself with something that's...

Far away I heard him say. Don't delay I heard him say. 
Oh my god, the singer sounds like an angel! Is this Keane? It can't be. Back to the chorus. I can tell it will wrap up soon. I have to buy this song. I already want to plan a play list around it for the gym later.

Song ends. I hold my breath. Jagger says, "That's the new song from Kongos. When I saw them with the accordion, I didn't know where they were going with it. Now you know too. They'll be at EdgeFest."

Check them out for yourself.

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