Friday, March 14, 2014

SXSW BBN 2nd Bracket - Swamp Cabbage vs. Air Traffic Controller

Hello my three readers. We have run through the first round of the SXSW Best Band Name competition and 13 bands have been eliminated. With the remaining bands, we'll dive a little bit deeper into their background and explore more music.

Up first, Swamp Cabbage.

A Floridian band founded by Walter Parks, they have been around since 2003. One of their songs is featured as the opening to American Guns. They have a great website, a collective history of working with great musicians, and appear to be a good live jam band.

They are pitted against Air Traffic Controller.

Boston guy, Dave Munro, was a real life Air Traffic Controller for the military. The music is a little reminiscent of They Might Be Giants. Dave likes to wear a chapeau and is definitely of the hipster variety. He apparently has issues with being on time; which means we could never be friends.

Easy win to Air Traffic Controller.

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