Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SXSW BBN R1 - Swamp Cabbage vs Zeds Dead

Looking back on the last competition, I spent an inordinate amount of time listening to multiple songs from each band.  The less tedious version of this will be to review the most popular song on either iTunes (first choice) or YouTube (second choice) and if the band is not easily found on either, we go to their website or social media postings. Then, when the band goes head to head against another band we've already heard from, I'll pick the second most popular song.

I foretell there will be some judgement calls on my part... it should be interesting.

First round! Swamp Cabbage vs. Zeds Dead.

Swamp Cabbage
Sounds like something I'd hear in a True Blood episode. Banjo. Dirty guitar. I can easily picture myself with my Floridian cousin out in the swamps in his Mud Mobile, coming across a gator or two and drinking some filthy spirit that burns my throat to the point I can sing along with the lead singer in his gravel tones.


Zeds Dead
"Rude Boy"
Okay, we are immediately into dubstep. This isn't usually my style unless it's a version of a song I already like; I don't really know how to dance to dubstep, or maybe it is meant to be just pure enjoyment whilst listening in your car with the bass turned to 9... #suburbanwhitegirlproblems. If this is your thing, check them out. I can tell that they mix beats per minute while playing up and down the scale for intensity, then throw in a few snippets of dialogue to keep the momentum going.
There is a version with Omar LinX which I enjoyed more, but them ain't the rules.


Round one goes to Swamp Cabbage. 
Let it be known I prefer the iTunes version rather than the live set. 

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