Thursday, March 13, 2014

SXSW BBN R8 - Yuppie Pricks vs. Wakey!Wakey!

Oh my. It's Y versus W.

Yuppie Pricks
"F**k You I'm Rich"
I can't take this band seriously. It's a gimmick. I can see white angry dudes body slam into each other after six too many IPAs. This band plays in the backyard of your neighbors party and you want to call the cops to get them sited for a noise violation.
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"Almost Everything"
Crumbcake. From the outset I can tell this was likely used by a show on the CW with brooding teenagers yearning for love. Likely the boy has a faux hawk and angst, the popular girl pines for the boy but can't be with him else she will be ostracized. Then the jerk jock at the school does something to the girl and emo-boy comes to the rescue. They gaze into each others' eyes and begin a ridiculous teenage romance full of drama. Amirite?
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Wakey!Wakey! takes the cakey cakey.
As a side note, I used to wake up the sailor friends who crashed on the floor in my San Diego apartment with Wakey! Wakey! They hated me for it. But, they usually made it to muster on time.

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