Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SXSW BEST BAND NAME - Let the competition begin!

Once again, I will NOT be attending SXSW in Austin and seeing the amazing bands I've been wanting to see live - especially Seryn.

To remedy this and keep myself entertained, I will once again conduct a non-scientific and completely biased competition to determine the best band name performing over the next few days. How do I do this? Glad you asked.

I went through the list of bands performing that are listed on the SXSW site, A through Z. Then, I selected the band name that sounded the most interesting, made me chuckle, or generally sounded off the wall. Why? Well, why not. My rules. This year, I am selecting a name from each letter of the alphabet. (Sorry, Dr. Awkward. So close to making the cut!)

From there, I will build out a bracket which places the bands against each other for rounds of competition. I listen to a handful of songs by the band (ones that I can find online) and determine which band's music I prefer. The band with better music gets to move on until we have a final winner. Remember the winner a few years ago? Ham Sandwich. 

I am not allowed to chose a band name that I have heard of before, nor can I choose what is clearly one person performing or a comedy act. So with that, here are the bands that are up for the win!

Air Traffic Controller
Cello Fury
Dinner And a Suit
East Cameron Folklore
Foxboro Hot Tubs
The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer
In-Flight Safety
Jam Jam
Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds
Manic Sheep
Not In The Face
Paranoid Castle
Quiet Company
Royal Teeth
Swamp Cabbage
The Unlikely Candidates
Volcanos On Lo
Yuppie Pricks
Zeds Dead

Bracket forthcoming. Let the competition begin!

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John said...

This is even better than the other bracket that comes out this year. I am pinning my hopes on Swamp Cabbage!