Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SXSW BBN R2 - Dinner And A Suit vs. Air Traffic Controller

Round 2 of our randomly developed bracket gives us Dinner And A Suit versus Air Traffic Controller.

Dinner And A Suit
"Where We Started"
Started off sounding like OneRepublic or some other nice boy band that I would have eaten up as a teenager (before I discovered Nine Inch Nails, dying my hair purple, and green Converse.) It's a lovely song; but perhaps I am feeling dark and jaded this evening as it does not move me to feel anything other than "Oh, that's sweet." I have a feeling this band is all over MTV in the late afternoon. One of my three readers will point out that they were in the latest Disney movie or something of that ilk.
Check out the Joe Jonas doppelganger walking through the cornfield in slow motion a la Chris Martin in Coldplay's "Yellow.


Air Traffic Controller
"You Know Me"
Not sure what it is about love songs this evening. I like the back and forth between the two vocalists. It's catchy. But I keep wanting them to really rock out and have some serious drums and thumping beats. Maybe they do that live? It's a fun song. Clearly of the hipster persuasion. Likely I will enjoy other tunes.
And here we see an amalgamation of fun and instruments ranging from a stand up bass to a didgeridoo.


Round 2 goes to Air Traffic Controller.
How... unexpected.
You're welcome all those in the aviation industry.

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