Thursday, March 13, 2014

SXSW BBN R11 - Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds vs. Cello Fury

Almost through! Let's finish up the first round so that we can dive deeper into the bands who made it into the second part of the bracket.

Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds
"Haunted Head"
Uh, what? Um... no words here. Remember when Vincent Price did that interlude in "Thriller"? A little like that. But not as scary. And, uh... weird. Maybe I'm not cool enough to get it.

Cello Fury
Instrumental Rock
"Against All Odds"
Well, this is a thing. I've seen cellists rock out before - the best example being a "Thunderstruck" interpretation - but this feels a little like Mom is trying to be cool at Hot Topic when she really belongs in Ann Taylor.

I can't in good conscience award this to Kid Congo (though the name is cool).
Cello Fury takes it by a string.

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