Monday, March 17, 2014

SXSW BBN 2nd Bracket - OK SWEETHEART vs. The Unlikely Candidates

Welcome back my three readers. We are narrowing down the contenders for the SXSW Best Band Name and have two more rounds in this bracket before the playoffs.

Let's start with OK SWEETHEART
Erin Austin is a better version of Zoey Deschanel; more likeable, humanistic and without defense to her quirks. Her voice is enjoyable and the variance in tempo within songs is appreciated. The band name is a reflection of her Oklahoma upbringing. That said, she's still too cool for me. I don't think I own one vintage piece of clothing let alone a hairstyle that would fit in with her hipster friends.

Guess what? I've heard more songs by The Unlikely Candidates that I didn't realize. "Howl" may have been a Music Monday pick back in October. I cannot in good conscience send them through when they aren't a mystery to me. GREAT band! Really enjoy their work. But it wouldn't be fair. Sorry The Unlikely Candidates. It's not you, it's me.

OK SWEETHEART continues on by default.

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