Monday, March 17, 2014


Here we are in the semi finals! It's been relatively easy thus far, but with only six bands left to compete we're going to blaze through the next round in a quickfire. I've heard most of the songs numerous times and can whittle our way to the top three.

Starting off the third bracket are two bands from opposite ends of North America, both including a Canadian persuasion. Air Traffic Controller hails from Nova Scotia and Paranoid Castle is a Bay Area emcee with a Canadian producer. "You Know Me" "Pick Me Up" and "Hurry Hurry" are infectious tunes that have won my heart to Air Traffic Controller.

Royal Teeth faces off against Wakey! Wakey! Both bands are for the younger crowd; very lovely, angsty and meant for a showcase on the CW. I have to award it to Royal Teeth.

No brainer for OK SWEETHEART against Landlady. Remember the song "Cry Me A River" in V for Vendetta by Julie London? Listen to "Before You Go" and tell me if you get the same feeling. Say it with me... O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A.... OOOOOOklaaaaahooooooma!

Alrighty folks, how was that for fast?

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