Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SXSW BBN R3 - Not In The Face vs. Paranoid Castle

Up first in the third round of the this bracket? Not In The Face... I'm curious about the origin of that name, but perhaps I don't want to know...

Not In The Face
"Brass Tacks"
Slightly metal, definitely rock and maybe a hint of dirty southern? Vocalist is surprisingly adept between growling, cooing and slither/warble. The guitar riffs are hard but interspersed with the thump of the bass drum. I might work out to this at the gym, but wouldn't be rocking out in my car on a road trip.
The video is slightly NSFW based on the nekkid bum, homo eroticism and suggestive actions depicted.


Paranoid Castle
Hip Hop / Rap
"Weed Man"
Likely, the other offerings from Paranoid Castle will give me a better sense of the music, but "Weed Man" is the most popular on iTunes. Here we go. Nice background to the rap lyrics which is storytelling and quite easy to visualize. Humorous and understandable. Quite entertaining. I can see the Humboldt set playing this over and over, getting the munchies and ordering a pizza, forgetting that the song is on repeat and then discovering it again for the first time.
After the lovey-dovey tunes from round 2, this random bracket set for the competition is oddly gratifying. Rock versus Hip Hop, both risque in nature for either sexual overtones or blatant drug use.

The winner of this round is Paranoid Castle.

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